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Experts in Crane Rental & Operator Services -- Burbank, California

Purple Crane is a family-owned business that rents mobile cranes with CCO-certified operators to the Burbank area. We have safely and cost-efficiently completed more than 75,000 lifts for tens of thousands of customers over the past 30 years. As a testament to our competency and high quality service, the majority of our jobs come from past clients or referrals.

Our well-maintained and routinely inspected mobile crane inventory includes:

  • Link-Belt Hydraulic Cranes
  • Grove 422 Hydraulic Cranes
  • Terex R35100 Hydraulic Boom Trucks
  • Manitowoc 22101 Hydraulic Boom Trucks
  • Dynalift Light-Duty Boom Trucks
  • Garland Light-Duty Boom Trucks

Our lifting equipment also includes a variety of trucks, trailers and man baskets. Our diverse inventory of cranes, trucks and trailers allows us to meet the varied needs of Burbank's many industries, such as construction, landscaping, water and power, heating and air conditioning, and transportation. Our smallest cranes have a 3-ton capacity, while our largest has a 75-ton capacity and 163-foot reach. Our man baskets can hold one worker (up to 300 pounds) or two workers (up to 500 pounds), and we have trailers to accommodate loads of up to 15,000 pounds.

Every crane rental we offer to our Burbank clients comes with an experienced, highly trained crane operator. Our crane experts have the knowledge to know what questions to ask in order to properly determine the right crane for your job. With between 9 and 40 years' experience, they know exactly how to get our cranes safely to your site and complete the job in a timely manner. We are completely certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), which further verifies our expertise. Plus, we are a member of Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA).

Purple Crane complies with all OSHA requirements, We can obtain certificates of insurance usually within a day, and offer 24/7 crane services. Our cranes can be rented for as little as two hours.

Call us now at (909) 622-0600 to learn more about our Burbank crane services.

We'll Move Spas, Gazebos, Barbecues, & More for Your Remodel in Burbank, CA

For big residential or commercial remodels, a crane might be required to facilitate the installation of your gazebo, swim spa, Jacuzzi, sculpture, barbecue, or other outdoor objects. Purple Crane can assist you with the moving or lifting of any of these items. We have helped remove, transport and/or install outdoor furniture, equipment, and other structures throughout Burbank. Call us today for a quote. We can work with remodeling contractors or directly with homeowners.

Purple Crane Assists HVAC Contractors Install Rooftop Air Conditioning Units for Burbank Buildings

Purple Crane works with Southern California HVAC contractors when they need to remove or install an air conditioning unit or furnace of any size anywhere in Burbank. We can schedule your crane rental well in advance of your job, or at the last minute if you have an emergency request. Just speak with one of our crane experts about the dimensions and weight of the HVAC unit to be moved and where it is going; we'll reserve the right crane to get the job done at the lowest possible price.

Cranes, Trucks & Trailers for Lifting, Moving & Relocating Building Materials for Jobs Across Southern California

Calculating the right crane for your building project in Burbank is a key factor in controlling your costs. Getting a crane that is too big is simply a waste of money and may not even be able to get on your worksite. However, getting one that is too small can cost you time and money, particularly if you discover that it cannot safely or effectively do the job.

To ensure that you get the perfect crane for your lift, work with the crane experts at Purple Crane. We have hands-on experience working with a wide range of building materials: tile, concrete, cinder block, roofing materials, solar panels, lumber, beams, etc. We can haul these materials quickly and efficiently from one end of your worksite to another, or transport these materials to another location anywhere in Southern California.

Crane Services to Lift Trees, Rocks & Other Landscaping Materials in Burbank, California

We often work with landscaping companies in Burbank to assist them whenever they need to move huge boulders, statues, fountains, trees (palm, pine, etc.), or other objects for their clients. We also have manbaskets that can be attached to any of our mobile cranes when you need to trim, shape or thin trees on any residential or commercial property in Burbank. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions, and can obtain an insurance certificate within a day.

Crane Rental & Operator Services for Construction Projects in Burbank, California

Purple Crane's dedicated team can help you lift, transport and haul away all of your construction materials. This includes:

  • Steel rebar
  • Wood beams
  • Metal trusses
  • Cement columns
  • I-beams

We can handle loads of up to 75-tons and lift as high as 165 feet. With our wide range of cranes and very experienced, CCO-certified crane operators, we can handle the lifts for nearly any construction job in Burbank. Our crane services include offloading a truck or trailer, stacking heavy items carefully together, or transporting items to another worksite or approved scrap-yard in Southern California.

Cranes for Lifting & Moving Machinery & Large Equipment in Burbank, CA

At Purple Crane, our crane operators can move machines and equipment of any dimension at a very competitive rate. we'll come to your Burbank job site anytime of day or night and be ready to work. This means that we will set-up your crane quickly and work efficiently, in order to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We frequently lift medical equipment, manufacturing equipment, large appliances, and printing presses. We can also transport machines or equipment safely between Burbank and any other location in Southern California. Call us today to learn more about our high quality crane services.

Rent A Heavy- or Light-Duty Crane for Utility-Related Jobs in Burbank, CA

As a full-service crane company, Purple Crane frequently performs expert lifts for the utility industry. Our cranes, crane operators, and large trucks with trailers are readily available to assist in the lifting and transportation of emergency generators, light poles, utility vaults, water tanks, streetlights, and more in Burbank. We can even provide a crane or boom truck with a man basket.

Cranes to Lift, Stack or Move Shipping Containers in Burbank, CA

Purple Crane is the best crane company to call when you need help lifting, stacking, and/or moving shipping containers in Burbank. We will use our mobile cranes to lift your shipping containers, and have a heavy duty truck and trailer standing by to relocate them to any destination within Southern California. Give us a call; our professionals will determine the best crane and/or trailer for your needs.

Best Value for 24/7 Crane Rental Services in Burbank, CA

Purple Crane's professionals will ensure that we rent the right lifting equipment for your job, the first time, every time. This will save you time and money. We are a full-service crane rental company with affordable rates, a great selection of cranes, and expert drivers and operators. Call Purple Crane today for all of your crane-related needs in Burbank.

Credit cards, cash and checks are all accepted. Credit accounts can be opened for those who qualify.

Purple Crane Services Inc. Burbank - 91501,91502, 91505, 91506, 91521, California (CA)
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I used this company to lift my AC unit to my roof. They offer great service, reasonable price and they are fast and efficient. Keith is the owner, knows how to keep his customers happy and operates very well. I definitely recommend this company for any HEAVY lifting needs

Rey G., Cypress, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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